This game is designed to be a resource to help pupils understand that:

  • Animals require suitable habitats to live
  • Fields are managed by farmers - they don't just appear
  • There are things that can be done to encourage animals and plants into farmed areas
  • Diversity of different types of animals and plants in important

It is based on the research of the BUZZ project. There is lots more information about biodiversity projects on farms at the Operation Bumblebee website.

The game encourages players to introduce areas into their field that are known to encourage diffferent types of wildlife. The downside of this is that you are then left with a smaller area to plant your main crop (the one that makes you money).

By playing the game over again players can investigate the different techniques for encouraging wildlife and can try and find the optimum balence to get the most wildlife without going bust.

The only way of getting a high score is by encourageing a good balance of wildlife as well. Players learn that they need good supplies of birds to encourage preditors and in turn a good supply of bugs is needed to get the birds there first.